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A\V-Profiles workflow
A\V-Profiles workflow.


V-Profiles is a web tool that provides a dynamic visualization of the aerosol profiles processed with A-Profiles. It is developed with javascript and uses Highcharts library. The data processed and visualized are a subset of E-PROFILE ALC database, where only CHM15k ceilometers and Mini-MPL instruments are considered at present day. The data are updated every hour.

All of the products delivered from BASIC can visualized dynamically on the interface:

  • Extinction profiles
  • Clouds detection
  • Boundary layer height
  • Aerosol mass concentration for different aerosol types scenarios


A-Profiles (based on the BASIC scilab library) is a python software developed for processing Lidars and ceilometers measurements. By using a prescribed AOD or a Lidar Ratio, extinction profiles are derived from the measured attenuated backscatter profiles. The extrinction profiles can then be used, together with an assumed aerosol scenario, for the assessment of the aerosol mass concentration.

A clouds detection using the vertical gradient of the measured profiles allows for filtering the aerosol scenes only. A boundary layer module also provides the PBL height relying on the wavelet technique.

The code is available on Github.

A-Profiles (and its predecessor BASIC) have been used in the following publications:
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Augustin Mortier MET Norway A\V-Profiles main developer
Michael Schulz MET Norway Scientific advisor
Anette L. Borg MET Norway Dataflow
Charlie Negri MET Norway Service automatization
Development team